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Whatever Comes I'll Write It Down

Does anyone know how to fic my problem for the Sims 2 UC?? I can’t play it like it doesn’t pop up or anything like i press the icon and it’s just nothing???


sugaryacid remember when we dragged each other on MS Paint. 

the draggin was too real and I’m p sure I won B)

Did I ever mention to u guys that I had everything sketched out for my entry to possibly get into slipshine but the day i found out was like a week before the deadline and i was alos so swapped wit hwork that i just could NOT finihs it

Artist: Charlie Wilson
Track: "I Know You're Tired (Bound 2 Sample)"


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darkwizardjamesmason sent: What is the color purple?

Idk if you’re asking for an explanation or just bein’ smart but either way you win. 

I’m still really disappointed in steven universe because it really seems to forget that Pearl is not the main character of the show. There was a whole new gem fusion and it got so down played compared to Opal. And even still,for whatever reason for like the majority of the show, Pearl is the main focus.

And before ‘you can’t have too much central focus on one character' yes, yes you can. If it feels like the main character is sometimes taking a back seat compared to another character, then someone’s doing too much favoritism. 

Seriously is might as well be called Steven Universe & Pearl

Friendship test:tell me what is/about the color purple

I’m going to a party I’m scared

I’m going to a party I’m scared

#shut up alex

talked to deb on the phone for five hours our friendship game too strong


howtobasic was never funny and it never will be

There’s some serious shit going down in Gaza, and yet MTV thinks it’s a good idea to try and do this shitty ‘what’s the least shittiest fandom superwholock or harry potter’ poll like are you serious

Deb I swear to god you lucky i’m on a government computer because you aint ready for the draggin I’m gonna do

Some Dude:guys okay gUYS i got this new idea for a movie. It’s about marvel, YEAH YOU KNOW EM, let’s make this space team REAL. yeah this is gonna look so fuckin sick. so like the designs??/ okay get this. One human dude, a WHITE one mind you-no reason it’s just, well that’s not important. Then we got a raccooon but HE CAN TALK AND WALK ON TWO LEGS LIKE WOAH. then we got this fuckin guy who’s basically a walking tree. Mind. Blown. Am I right!?
Oh also there’s a hot girl but she’s basically human but get this. She’s G R E E N. and has exagerrated cheekbones but STILL G R E E N. Genious right!?Now gimme millions of dollars to make it.

As great as it is that we can point out the major flaws with white men when it comes to the topic of black women, we really need to also try and put our foot down when it comes to men’s opinion on the women of their own race. ESPECIALLY black men.
I’ve seen profiles and tweets to where a black man will call out a white man on being terrible to his people yet turn around and say ‘why girls are evolving!!! lmfao black girls watch out they already look better now they got a booty!!’
and it’s just
Do you not see how this is hurting our own race with this kind of shit? The fact that black men are being taught ‘go after a white girl!! Or a light skinned one they’re the prettiest!!’. All this is doing is making the stereotypes stronger within us. I’m not saying we need to stop calling out white men, I’m saying we need to stop acting like white men are the only ones treating women of color like pure shit.

it’s 2014 why is the tumblr app still terrible